Take part in the formal consultation

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Part of the formal process to make a Neighbourhood Plan live is to hold a formal consultation on the draft plan. Following a delay caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, our consultation starts on 2 November 2020 and ends on 18 December 2020.

Our Steering Group will be on-hand to explain the purpose of the plan, what it covers and how you can have your say. This will include: a Zoom meeting – timings to be publicised; an in-person exhibition. We are planning to hold an exhibition at Fenny Compton Village Hall subject to lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Download Fenny Compton Neighbourhood Plan (DRAFT)

Hard copies of the draft plan are available on request.

Respond to the consultation

We have hand-delivered copies of the consultation booklet to every home in the Parish.

To respond to the consultation, complete the form in the booklet and return to your nearest Neighbourhood Plan team member:

Hilary – Saddler’s Cottage, High Street (opp. the Co-op) CV47 2YG
Roly – 16 Fieldgate Lane CV47 2WB
John – Mill Hill Cottage, The Slade CV47 2YB

If you have not received a booklet, please call 01295 770676 for a copy. 

You can take part online by downloading the form and emailing your comments direct to: john@fennycomptonnp.co.uk

You may also leave your comments about the draft plan on this page. Please note that all comments are subject to a validation process and may not appear immediately after posting.

In addition to Fenny Compton Parish residents, we are consulting a list of bodies whose interests it considers may be affected by the draft plan. Full details on this consultation stage are set out in regulation 14 and regulation 21 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) (as amended).

Download supporting documents

Fenny Compton Strategic Environment Assessment / Habitat Regulation Assessment 

Fenny Compton YP Survey_Results

Fenny Compton Local Green Space Revised

Fenny Compton Neighbourhood Plan Residents Survey 2018 – Final Report (002)

Fenny Compton Local Green Space Revised

Fenny Compton Ecological Report 122018 (1)

Fenny Compton Parish Plan 2008

FCNP Heritage Assets Gazetteer

Please note that other  documents are linked in the report.