FCNP’s Steering Group organised a survey with three open-ended questions to identify some key themes to focus our detailed information gathering and follow-up survey. We had 97 responses to the survey, a response rate of around 26%.

We found that people who live and work in the Parish value its community spirit, beautiful scenery and local amenities.

The following areas are of most concern to people who live and work in the Parish:

  • Development – if it must take place, it should be the right kind, in the right place and come with the right amenities.
  • Traffic – respondents want to see improvements to the flow of traffic through the village.
  • Public transport – quite simply a better bus service with better connections.
  • Community facilities – there appears to be some demand for improved facilities and involvement.

The next phase will involve developing a more detailed survey to explore these issues. Alongside this, we will conduct specialist surveys in areas such as traffic and speed, housing needs, business needs, environment and heritage.