There is a re-application for planning of 39 houses on the Dassett Road, so with the £15 billion of government support over next five years from the ‘Autumn Budget’ to increase housing supply, the pressure is on! New applications for development are on the horizon!

Our ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ supports Stratford District Council’s ‘Core Strategy’ on housing and helps us as a community to shape our future. We have worked over the past year to get this running but, sadly, 3 members of the Steering Committee are leaving due to work commitment and retirement. We therefore urgently need new blood on the Steering Committee. The Parish Council supports us strongly and there has been a lot of progress in developing the plan, but there is still a lot more work to do!

Without your active support, we are unlikely to be able to complete the plan, and will be much less able to influence the outcome of issues affecting the village, including traffic in the High Street.

Please help determine our village’s future by showing your interest and contact me or any of the committee on the email or telephone numbers below. If we can reinforce the Steering Committee, we will hold an open meeting in February 2018 at the ‘Village Hall’ for all other interested parties who feel they can help.

Hilary Birkbeck Mobile 07876741531

Michael Guest

Sarah Phillips

John Wickenden